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e.pop Partners with Ecologi to Plant 100,000 Trees in Africa

The partnership enables consumers to participate in reforestation efforts, planting a geotagged tree in their name. Twenty thousand mangrove trees to be planted in Kenya, Uganda and Madagascar.  

 22 March 2021 – New York City – e.pop, a digital receipts fintech with a mission to transform the payments ecosystem for merchants and consumers, and eliminate paper receipt waste, announced today a partnership with Ecologi, an environmental subscription service by which consumers and businesses can offset their carbon footprint via reforestation and other sustainability initiatives. Together, they will plant 100,000 mangrove trees in Kenya, Uganda and Madagascar. The goal of the partnership is to help consumers conveniently participate in global reforestation efforts and to increase awareness of the impact of paper waste.  

e.pop users will now be able to plant a mangrove tree in their name that will then be geotagged by Ecologi. With this partnership, e.pop expands its reforestation efforts to all continents. Users of the electronic proof of purchase (e.pop) service will soon be able to earn redeemable tree-planting credits directly in the e.pop mobile app. e.pop has committed to planting one million trees by 2025 and to help retail merchants and consumers invest in the future of decarbonization.   

Reforestation is a key tool in helping to tackle the climate crisis, particularly the reforestation of tropical forests. Tropical forests have suffered extensive destruction, fragmentation, degradation and depletion of biodiversity. Once covering 12% of the world’s landmass, they now cover just 5%. Reforestation works to restore previous forest cover by cultivating and planting seedlings. The e.pop restoration initiative managed by Ecologi will help restore critical tropical forest habitat and protect its rich biodiversity. 

Linda Adams, head of partnerships, Ecologi: “We are excited about this new partnership and grateful for e.pop’s contribution to extend our impact. High-growth companies like e.pop understand the urgent need to address the major causes of climate change and are actively participating in ensuring a better environment and cleaner planet. e.pop have already planted 100,000 trees with us in a short period of time, so we are excited to see their impact grow”  

Sunil Rajan, co-founder and president, e.pop: “e.pop and Ecologi share a vision for a restorative community that benefits all. As we globally move toward a contactless payment economy, eliminating the paper receipt and its negative impact on the environment becomes critical. This partnership demonstrates the tremendous value that the e.pop platform can bring to both retail merchants and consumers who want to make a comprehensive and positive impact on restoring nature’s diversity whilst continuing the pursuit of fighting climate change.” 

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About e.pop 
e.pop (electronic proof of purchase) is transforming the way consumers and businesses think about environmental sustainability, eliminating paper receipts altogether while delivering retail merchants greater data, analytics and insights, and providing a valuable consumer engagement channel. An environmentally safe and efficient alternative to paper receipts, e.pop automatically sends new transactions securely to its mobile app with itemised digital receipts without consumers needing to share their email information with merchants. e.pop was co-founded by Sunil Rajan and Sunay Shah with the aim of enabling sustainable practices for both consumers and businesses and making our daily activities efficient. 

About Ecologi 
Ecologi was initially founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, UK. They were frustrated that many of us are not able to contribute enough to the colossal climate problem. It started in early 2019, when Co-Founder and CEO Elliot Coad was on his morning commute to work. He was buying a coffee just as he had done thousands of times before, and asked himself: How much climate action could I fund with the money for a coffee? The answer led to a revelation – that the pocket change that billions of us have would not only be a significant upgrade to our own personal contributions to the crisis, but could also one day account for reducing half of the world’s emissions.  

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