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e.pop Affiliate Program Guide

v1.0 (Last updated June 16, 2023)

Program Details

Eligible affiliate:

o   An adult individual (of at least 18 years of age) or entity

o   Eligible affiliates aren’t required to live within the United States; however, they must have a PayPal account that accepts US Dollars as this is the currency that referral fees and awards are made in.

o   Examples of eligible affiliates include but are not limited to:

§  Website Owners: Affiliates who own and operate a website or blog with relevant content related to the products or services being promoted. 

§  Social Media Influencers: Affiliates who have a significant following on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, and can promote products or services to their audience. 

§  Email Marketers: Affiliates who have a substantial email list and can promote products or services to their subscribers. 

§  Content Creators: Affiliates who produce high-quality content, such as videos, articles, podcasts, or reviews, that can drive traffic and conversions for the program. 

§  Coupon or Deal Sites: Affiliates who operate websites that provide coupons, discounts, or special deals to consumers, driving sales through unique promotions. 

§  Niche Experts: Affiliates who specialize in a specific niche or industry and have knowledge and influence within that niche to promote relevant products or services. 

§  Influential Bloggers: Affiliates who run popular blogs with a dedicated readership and can endorse products or services through their content. 

§  Comparison or Review Sites: Affiliates who create detailed comparisons or reviews of products or services, helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions. 

§  Online Communities: Affiliates who manage online communities, forums, or social media groups with engaged members who are interested in the products or services being promoted. 

§  Loyalty or Reward Programs: Affiliates who operate loyalty programs, cashback websites, or other reward-based platforms, encouraging customers to make purchases and earn commissions

Eligible referral:

o   Businesses, companies or merchants that use Shopify or Square as their Point of Sales system.

o   Square POS-enabled businesses with a store location(s) within the boroughs of Manhattan and/or Brooklyn, New York City, New York.

o   Shopify POS-enabled businesses whose registered place of business is within the United States.

Successful referral:

o   Referrals that result in the acquisition of a new merchant customer (as described above) that makes a qualifying, first-time purchase of a merchant subscription from e.pop; or

o   Referrals that lead to a successful conversion, where the referred business makes a qualifying, first-time purchase of a merchant subscription from e.pop.

o   Qualifying, first-time purchase of a merchant subscription from e.pop of at least three (3) months (including free trials); subscriptions that are cancelled or voided before three months are ineligible for reward.

o   Referrals must sign up via your unique e.pop Affiliate link to count toward your conversion. We cannot track users who signed up independently of your link and, therefore, will not count toward your conversions.

o   Cookies are used to track merchant sign-ups. If potential referral clears their cookies during this period, e.pop shall not be liable for any commissions that may have been owed to you. Referrals are only considered for commission if they occur within 90 days of the first affiliate link click.

Referral Commission:

o   Shopify-enabled referrals: $15 per successful referral until 45 successful referrals in any calendar month.

o   Square-enabled referrals: $30 per successful referral for the first five (5) referrals in any calendar month; thereinafter, $50 per successful referral up to 40 successful referrals in any calendar month (a total of 45 Square-enabled referrals possible in any calendar month)

o   Maximum referral commission: The Company will pay you (the Affiliate) a referral commission per successful referral for the first 45 successful referrals submitted by the Affiliate. In excess of 45 successful referrals per calendar month, Affiliates will not be remunerated.


o   To be eligible for reward You must be a registered e.pop Affiliate (registered and accepted via the e.pop Affiliate Program)

o   Payment In order to receive referral fees, you (the Affiliate) must provide your PayPal account details when applying to the Program, and maintain a PayPal account able to accept US Dollars. Payments will be made on a monthly basis. Additional payment terms may need to be accepted to complete such process and/or form. Referral fees will be paid to Affiliates once referrals qualify as successful, meaning after the three (3) month subscription period (including free trials). Affiliates are responsible for transfer, currency exchange and any other transaction or bank fees associated with payment of referral fees.

o   Program availability For the time being, the e.pop Affiliate Program is only available in the U.S.

An Example of Successful Referral:


1.       You approach a physical business or store using Square as their Point of Sale system that is not already an e.pop partner store and ask whether they use e.pop

2.       You’re able to speak to the decision-maker about the benefits of becoming an e.pop partner

3.       The decision maker signs up to a paid e.pop subscription

4.       The business has been an e.pop customer for three (3) months

5.       You will receive a payment from the Company*

*See above for description of “Successful Referral” and “Referral Fees”

How to Get Started:

  1. Check out the Affiliate materials and tools available to you at  Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Here, find social media posts and some ideas to get you started. You’ll also find talking points and a summary of the benefits of e.pop to increase your chances of making a successful referral.
  2. Talk to the businesses in your neighborhood. You never know how many potential referrals are right beyond your doorstep! Particularly for those small and medium-sized business, e.pop could be just the solution they need to grow their business and attract a wider customer base.
  3. Share the love (and your link). Post your referral link on your social media networks, when you visit stores in person, on your website and in your email signature. Increase your odds of making a successful referral by sharing your referral link far and wide.
  4. Join the dedicated BeOne community for e.pop Affiliates to share tips, tricks, resources and participate in discussions.

Program Definitions & Resources:

·         e.pop Affiliate: you

·         Decision maker: The individual within a referral business or potential referral business with the necessary authority to agree to and pay for an e.pop merchant subscription.

·         Referral: A company or business that you refer. You can refer an unlimited number of referrals (although there is a limit to how many referrals you will be paid for each month).

·         Eligible referral: See details below for referral eligibility.

·         Successful referral: A business, merchant or company that you refer that results in the online purchase of a merchant subscription from e.pop and is not an ineligible referral.

·         Ineligible referral: Any then-current or previous customers of e.pop Services (i.e. any customers who have already or previously purchased a merchant subscription from e.pop either directly or via an Affiliate.